Project Finance and Structuring

Although improving the energy footprint of buildings can have significant returns on investment, retrofits and other energy improvements for the built environment can often have a significant up-front cost. Leverett Energy provides the up-front capital for installing energy efficiency or renewable energy assets, allowing retrofits to be easily built into a company’s budget.  The financing provided by Leverett Energy is paid for by the energy generated or saved.

Leverett Energy’s building retrofit project financing solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Avoid up-front costs
  • Avoid encumbering your balance sheet
  • Get new equipment and a greener building
  • Solve the split incentive problem between the owners of commercial buildings and the tenants

Leverett Energy’s financing solutions can work for both owner-occupied and tenant-occupied buildings. Owner-occupied buildings realize the savings directly. With tenant-occupied buildings, it is often the owner who would make the energy efficiency improvements, but the tenant who pays the utility bills. By using Leverett Energy, owners not only avoid having have to find capital, they also improve the payback time of the energy efficiency measures through structuring operating costs as a pass through to tenants. Tenants in turn benefit from a cleaner, healthier, more productive environment and reduced utility costs.

In addition to the direct energy savings, Leverett Energy is able to assemble the federal, state, and local government incentives, regional carbon markets and forward capacity markets (when applicable) to further enhance the project’s returns and accelerate the payback.