Equipment Finance

Customers often struggle with large up-front equipment expenditures. This financial barrier should not stand in the way of mutually beneficial transactions between energy efficiency equipment manufacturers and their customers.  Leverett Energy provides the option of financing 100% of equipment purchases through easy-to-execute arrangements secured by the equipment.

  • Removes the large up-front costs
  • Avoids high-level budgeting processes
  • Drives quick decisions and sales

With a strong network of financial institutions and private lenders to underwrite deals from $100,000 and above, we provide a solution to enable attractive financing for customers of energy efficiency equipment.

Leverett Energy’s solutions include power purchase agreement-like contracts, energy savings agreements, and lease arrangements whereby we pay for and own the energy efficiency equipment in return for a portion of the future energy savings. Moreover, structuring government, utility, and other incentives into quotes can significantly change the value proposition and sales conversion ratio. Coupling quotes with sources of capital for projects can help to remove the often fatal barrier of financing.

Our financing offers the following benefits:

  • Finance with cost savings: Match revenues to expenses by paying for equipment while it generates significant energy savings
  • Preserve capital expense budgets: Valuable cash and lines of credit are preserved to grow the core business
  • Capital structure tax benefits: Assets remain off balance sheet, and debt to equity ratios are unchanged


  • Customer is creditworthy
  • Minimum initial capital expenditure of $100,000