Proposal Assistance

Firms drive competitive advantage by focusing on the core of their business. However, proposal writing is often overlooked because of a lack of familiarity with the “checklist requirements” of the proposal seekers, such as the government.  Nuances in framing, presentation and language can often be the difference between the RFP evaluator spotting necessary information or missing it.

Partnering with the right companies on each proposal can often make the difference in winning the bid.  Leverett has significant expertise in structuring deal teams for success.

Additionally, many projects can benefit from a range of government and utility incentives, but the complexity of the changing regulatory environment often results in significant value being left on the table. Identifying and accessing all applicable incentives can substantially reduce the quoted cost of a project, contribute to greater profit, and increase the likelihood of winning competitive bids. Coupling quotes with sources of capital for projects can help to remove the often fatal barrier of financing.

Scope of Work

Leverett Energy can add value and drive competitive advantage in the following ways:

  1. Proposal Specialization: The creation of a proposal from scratch that allows a company to competitively bid large scale projects previously daunting or outside a firm’s area of expertise.
  2. Partnerships to Win: Building the right team is a critical component to winning a proposal.  Leverett builds a team for success to complement a company’s core competency.
  3. Quote Package A package of incentives delivered with the quote and tailored to the proposal.  This package would include a list and explanation of government, utility, and a handful of other incentives in an easily understandable format. If desired, we will complete the necessary steps and paperwork to apply for and access these incentives
  4. Funding Sources Accompanying a quote, we can provide an initial estimate of funding and an opportunity for you to obtain assistance on financial structuring
  5. Deal Structuring A significant part of value capture and cost control, deal structuring can be the difference between a financeable project and no project at all. The ability to structure taxes and harness other incentives such as demand reduction and carbon credits can add additional value