Project Advisory

Leverett Energy can draw on its deep expertise to assist companies in conceiving, planning, executing and managing energy projects. We offer a differentiated and high yield solutions.

  • Deep regulatory, technical and financial expertise in energy efficiency
  • Consulting services charged on a contingency basis and/or hourly rates
  • Partnerships with top-tier tax, engineering, auditing, and construction service providers

Services Offered

  • Financial Advisory Leverett Energy can advise on creating customized financial structures to optimize cash flows, tax exposure, ownership, etc.
  • Incentives Consulting Often-overlooked credits, deductions, incentives and other valuable benefits associated with construction or energy efficiency projects can often total millions of dollars of unrealized bottom line.
  • Energy Audits Leverett Energy, through its partners, offers energy audit services that can identify opportunities for energy savings, and can build a customized, integrated package of retrofit options to maximize value and minimize cost and disruption.