Leverett Energy provides comprehensive, integrated financial solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy

We strive to bring value to clients by providing customized, analytically rigorous services. Our capabilities include:

  • Power purchase agreements and energy savings agreements
  • Access to equity, tax equity and debt project financing
  • Assembly, execution, financing and monitoring of integrated retrofits
  • Rooftop solar and wind
  • Building HVAC, windows, lighting and controls
  • Utility rate schedules and bulk energy purchases
  • Federal, state, local and utility incentives
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Grant and rebate receivables financing

We offer a unique and differentiated value proposition from market incumbents. Working with us offers the following benefits:

  • Deep regulatory, technical and financial expertise in energy
  • Consulting services charged on a contingency basis, only if we add value to your business
  • A motivated team with diverse experience in large energy, finance, tax accounting and government entities
  • Partnerships with top-tier financial, engineering, auditing, and construction service providers
  • An advisory board comprised of industry and academic thought leaders
  • Access to sophisticated, long-term debt and equity investors